on the subject of love.

Can you describe love?

I’m trying to post about love. Because I like talking about love. I could talk all day about it. It is seriously the best thing to talk about. Not only is there so much depth to it, it also makes you feel very good. I’m not saying that’s why I talk about love though. It’s just an added benefit.

I guess one of the first things I think of when the word love comes to my mind. Is what is love? And now I’m talking about the love between a man and a woman, because there are all kinds of love. But for this post I want to restrict myself to this one area of love. Otherwise I will get confused or this post will become a book because there is an incredible amount to write about love.

I don’t believe in love at first sight I don’t think. At least not true love (How cliché, I know). Yes, I think there is a distinction between love and true love. Deep, true love cannot manifest itself in a person right at first sight. I don’t think. I mean, not in the way that it is often portrayed as today, like getting hit on the head with an anvil or something. I think that love takes time to build up. But there is definitely a moment when you realize that you are truly in love with a person, a sort of epiphany, but bigger than that even. And it doesn’t happen the moment you see some either. Although a strong attraction might form right away.

When I first try to describe love, the only thing I can use to describe it is my own love for a girl because I can only speak from my experience. And as of right now, I have about 7 years experience of being in love with a girl.

Now, the first thing I remember when I fell in love (and yes I fell in love and no, when it happened at the time, I didn’t know it, or rather, I denied it) I couldn’t speak about it. Not coherently at least. I could only yell and shout in joy. There are no words really to describe how it feels to love someone, to love a girl, a woman.

After I fell in love, I began to grow in love. This is something I did not expect in my immaturity at first but I now look forward to growing more and more in love. It’s great. And my favorite thing about love is that it is endless (yes, I know quoting Luther Vandross, what can I say? I grew up listening to him).  But seriously, it really is. There is no limit on love once it starts.

I would also say that this is a key and integral part to true love as well. It’s that moment when you realize that you love a person more than you did a second ago and that it keeps increasing every moment that passes by and you’re sitting there, wondering if the lid on your love will ever cover the jar, and stop increasing but then… it never does. And it never will. I think that is part of true, deep love for someone.

Love is simple. It’s the details that count. What I value most about my relationship with her is that she knows all the details about me. It’s kind of ridiculous actually. Like she knows how I like to be woken up from a nap, otherwise I’m cranky. Or when I get mad, 99% of the time she knows why and calls me out on it, which makes me angrier. Or she knows that I really like and suggests books to me or movies. Or especially when I express my thoughts vocally or with facial expressions and she just looks at me and says, “I know, Daniel” and it’s not in a condescending way at all, but just the truth, that she knew that’s what I was going to say or that’s what I mean or why I’m saying that. There’s a lot more than this but I don’t want to get mushier than I already am, and I could get mushier, believe me (And this is another instance where she would say “I know, Daniel.”).

On the other hand, I do think that you can stop loving a person. But this is something I haven’t really experienced.

These are a jumble of my thoughts about love. More to come.



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