on the subject of Justin Bieber.

Question: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Justin Bieber?

For thousands of little girls it’s screams of love and adoration as well as the lyrics to many of Bieber’s pop/R&B songs.

For others it’s pretty much just one thing: hate.

People around the U.S. and around the world that proclaim their distaste and extreme dislike for Bieber’s music and Bieber himself.

On Facebook, the first two pages found after typing in the words “I hate” are pages hating Justin Bieber. Each post by some unknown moderator has over 600 “hate comments” of people leaving nasty comments about the kid.

And apparently on YouTube, there’s even an “I hate Justin Bieber” song, not to mention the degrading comments on his own music videos and a movement to dislike his videos over 1 million times.

Also, I was browsing over a news page the other day and found the clip of people booing Bieber at a Knicks game as well.

Kind of ridiculous, I think.

When I really try to wrap my head around it, I don’t understand why or how people hate Justin Bieber so vehemently. I tried to think of grounds to hate the kid but I couldn’t think of any reasonable explanation to hate him. To list a few, he doesn’t know anyone of these “hate commenters” personally so it’s not like he did anything against them; and he hasn’t committed a crime against humanity that deserves that kind of treatment; I don’t even think he’s committed any sort of crime actually; Sure, he had a high-pitched voice but any guy has at some point in their life until puberty; Sure, lots of little girls like him but I don’t see why that’s a reason to hate him; Also, he may have gotten a bad haircut but someone out there tell me that they’ve never experienced the same thing as well.

This “hate Bieber” thing or phenomenon seems more like a bandwagon club for people to join. I know hate-bandwagons like this happen quite easily though for anything new and upcoming. It’s very easy to be a critic and even easier to form a club that criticizes someone or something. And now with the momentum of Bieber’s career on the rise, the “hate club” seems to be on the rise as well.

I just don’t understand how people can write off Bieber like they do. I mean, first of all, he is a very talented guy. He’s got pipes. There’s no doubt about that. If there’s complaints about his high-pitched voice well I foresee that changing in the next couple of years as he matures. And apparently he can play the drums well from what I see from the trailers of his new movie. I also watched an interview of him on the Letterman Show and he was talking about how the movie was made to show people that it took hard work and effort as well as talent and opportunity to get to where he is today—which sounds like the American Dream to me.

But let’s say you legitimately dislike his voice and his music. I still don’t think that it is a reason to hate him. Or any recording artist for that matter. I would understand it more if Bieber was a jerk guy that hated everyone or had lyrics that spoke something to that effect. The opposite is more true, however. Bieber’s lyrics promote lovey dovey feelings and a good time to say the least. And from what I’ve seen and heard about Bieber, he’s hasn’t done anything scandalous or criminal; he’s a nice kid who had the opportunity to get discovered, made it big and is living a dream now so more power to him.

Personally, I like Justin Bieber. I think he’s a good kid making good music.  I happen to also like the music he names as his influences like Boys II Men and other oldies. I especially like the air of romance his songs have. Good songs, good kid. I’m not saying you have to like him but at the very least, let’s stop all the nasty hate against the guy.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Justin Bieber.

(And on another note, a happy birthday to Ronald Weasley, even though he is from Gryffindor.)


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