on the subject of a best friend.

We learn early in our lives about friendship: having friends, making friends, fighting with friends, getting in trouble with friends, good friends, bad friends, childhood friends and fast friends… the list could go on and on. Included in this category of friendship that we learn about is a bond that can be easily made and can be terribly broken, like an anchor holding a ship steady amidst a raging storm: the bond of a best friend.

I have recently taken to watching a show called Psych. It is about a guy named Sean who fakes being a psychic as he solves cases using observation and deductive reasoning—a modern day Sherlock. In the show, Sean solves cases with the help of his best friend, Gus. The two are a comedic pair and their friendship is true example of the sacred bond of best friendship. They fight and bicker but always have each other’s backs; they stand up for the each other; they know the most embarrassing things about each other; they go way back; and they work in silent tandem, like only two best friends who know each other’s moves can. They are my favorite example of two best friends.

This term “best friend” can be defined in various ways. Too long to list, I would say. I’m not sure how to sufficiently describe the term best friend either without using best friend. At the easiest, offhand definition, I think that a best friend can be defined as someone (notice the singular) who is the paramount ally who you think the fondest of trust the most. I think that will work for starters although you and I both know that there is much more to a best friend than that.

For me, the term “best friend” was not something I used often. I never really had someone who I called my “best friend” and I told myself that it was okay—I had many great friends and I thought that was better anyways. But as I grew up I found myself hearing more and more phrases like “oh, he’s my best friend” or “my best friend and I were hanging out the other day”  and I wanted to be able to say that, to mean it wholeheartedly about another person and to receive the title as well.

I knew people who would grant that name of “best friend” to a lot of people and they were also the ones who threw around “I love you” very loosely. I nodded my head at those persons and continued on my way. But there were those few lucky, honored ones who said the word “best friend” with reverence, as if it was a word of power, of magic, evoking memories of laughter, secrets, sadness, fights, fun, late night talks, sleepovers, special handshakes and all the things two people can share on a deep, platonic level.

To be honest, I would imagine having a best friend Sean or Gus, working together to accomplish something awesome. Or remember Shawn and Cory? Or like Arnold and Gerald, who never did anything of particular renown, they just lived life as best friends.  I even consider Batman and Robin a form of best friendship, except that in real life two best friends are both sidekicks to each other.

Having a best friend is a great thing, something I didn’t admit to myself for a while. Luckily, I think I finally found someone I can call my best friend. And although we may not talk or hangout all the time, when we do get together we become something like Sean/Gus and Arnold/Gerald and Shawn/Cory combined.


2 thoughts on “on the subject of a best friend.

  1. Very well said, Daniel. I’m so glad you have that special friendship. It is easy to befriend someone as genuine as you. I hope that one day I too will meet a friend like the one you have found.

    I love the truth and honesty in each of your posts. Keep writing, so I can keep reading.

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