A picture I took from my phone, while visiting The City for the first time this new year.

It’s the 7th of January so I’m a week late for this but Happy New Year. I haven’t had time to write very much—or be online for that matter—this past winter break but now I start anew.

Truthfully, I would like to write a post about my experiences in 2010 but as I sat down and started to list out the things that happened to me, I eventually realized two things:

1.)    I could not remember everything.

2.)    If I couldn’t remember everything, I wasn’t doing the year justice and I couldn’t let myself do that.

But briefly, the year was wonderful.

I tried to write out a quick summary of the year after the above sentence but I ended up “backspace-ing” the text as I remembered more and more events and tried to add and delete moments based on relevancy, basically having the same problem I did before. So, I will just leave it at that: the year was wonderful.

I am excited for 2011. It will definitely be an interesting year with some upcoming milestones that I will be sure to post about. 2010 seems ages ago already, a warm memory that causes me to smile.

As I get back into the swing of things, I will definitely be posting more regularly. So, keep this site bookmarked or somewhere close and check in on me periodically.

Until later then.



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