an exchange of creations.

This Christmas, I got what I asked for: an awesome photograph of The City. I’ve grown more and more fond of The City by the Bay and I wanted a personal picture of it. I grew up in Daly City, a stone’s throw away, and I do miss The Bay when I am away. The culture and style of the hustle and bustle of life there is very unique to the area and I am proud to be a native. Ally was able to travel to Treasure Island, take a picture of it and print it out on canvas for me. I love it.

In return, I thought I would make something for her and so I wrote a short note/story and painted it onto a canvas. A bit sloppy (I misspelled a word! Argh!) and I was nervous with the expectation of giving it to her. I was relieved when I finally gave it to her and watching her reaction was priceless. Anyways, here is the story, I thought I would share it:

“Barefoot in the sand we walk down the length of the shore, the midday sun shining bright as you run your fingers smoothly through your hair. I quickly squeeze your hand then look at you, hoping that I won’t wake up so this dream will last a lifetime. Curious, you meet my gaze and I pause, the sea tugging at my ankles. Laughing that little nervous laugh of yours, you ask, “Is something wrong?” but in this moment everything is right, so I don’t even answer. Instead, I twirl a silky lock of your dark hair and hug you close. You separate within the next second, just in case anyone saw that on this beach full of strangers, but I keep you within reach.

Then, you smile, stunning me speechless.

And there’s something behind those deep, brown eyes that perpetually intrigues me so I look into them trying to peer through those wonderful windows into the well of your soul, hoping to find the answer to your beautiful mystery. I gaze intently trying to see; until you look at me funny and query me yet again—but this time, you know the answer. Now, I smile as you bury your face into my arm, wholly content because You and Me are We.”

Now, what to get for her birthday…




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