I started this blog for a class of mine and I have decided to keep it and update it continually now. Although it was not this way at first, I am comfortable with blogging and on a more important note, I am more comfortable now with allowing people to see what I write or think about, despite its insignificance. This was, I guess, the point of the exercise and I am glad that I was sort of forced to do this.

Well, world out there, you will be hearing more from me—or at least I will be here, if you would like to take a moment to listen from time to time. I am still developing my voice and my writing, so please offer me some slack in the line as I climb higher. That said, I am going to enjoy this thing called blogging.



2 thoughts on “thirty.

  1. I will show you how to make it better.
    Let’s set you up with a domain name.
    Better yet, keep writing and let’s monetize the blog so that you can get paid to do this thing.

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