the worst part about Christmas.

The worst thing about Christmas is the presents.

Now, wait just a moment, before you label me a Scrooge or a Grinch, hear me out.

I’m serious: the worst part of Christmas, the aspect of the wonderful holiday that I despise the most—or even the aspect I just despise, because I love every other aspect of Christmas—are the presents.

Buying presents brings on unnecessary amounts of stress. Walking in the crowded stores and waiting in lines that go out the doors, other stressed out angry shoppers, driving in traffic, choosing a gift, going from store to store, exhaustion from the holiday shopping… there are more to be sure.

The worst part about presents though, I think, is the worry about if I can buy “good” presents this year—which usually means expensive presents—followed by the realization that I will not be able to buy these “good” presents. And then to hear about other kids getting everything they wanted for Christmas and then some, that is the worst part. I know there is that famous mantra, “it’s not about the presents, it’s about giving” and I am all for giving and that sort of Christmas spirit (though that is not the true Christmas spirit definition, but that is a different conversation). I actually love giving presents and I would much rather give than receive this Christmas, except if what I were to receive were to be money and then I would use that money to buy more presents for people, especially my family.

I want to make every Christmas the best Christmas for my siblings and my little brothers and sisters like to have presents; it is tradition. Furthermore, I want to give them everything they want for Christmas. I know that it is not really about the presents at the end of the day but still, I break inside when my little sister or brother wonder innocently why they did not get this present or that present—and then especially when the answer is: “I couldn’t afford it.”

I love giving, I detest presents.



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