back in high school.

An old write-up I did after my last day of senior year:

It seems a blur now, looking back. Like getting off BART after coming in from the city. You feel acquainted with that 8-car train after a ride that long. And just as you were getting to know it, just as you were getting settled, it speeds away faster than it arrived.

Four short years now.

I’ll miss it. I can see now why people get stuck reminiscing about high school and how many sentences begin with, “well, back in high school…” because high school is life changing no matter who you are.

Yet, I’m glad to be leaving. I’m ready to be leaving. Leaving the building, the teachers, the homework, the stress, the work, the drama. I’m finally leaving.

Leaving in the sense that I’m only boarding the next train that is. I’m sure I’ll visit the station every now and then in passing. But this new track leads farther and deeper than I can see. I’m looking forward to the next stop and transfer.



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