some contemporary art.

I recently visited a museum and got to see some great art. Here are a couple of my favorites:

artist: Alexandre Farto a.k.a Vhils

I forget what this one was called but it was stunning. The artist had erected a brick wall, plastered it and painted it over in white then chiseled and hammered away to create the image.

It covered part of the museum wall and apparently the artist does work like this around cities, too.

Pretty impressive.



artist: Ryan McGinness

This art was done on canvas with acrylic or some time of oil paint, I forget which one exactly. This is the view from standing at a distance from the work of art and looks like a wonderful mess of things. Upon standing closer, there are a myriad of images that make up the seeming chaos. I really like this element of the piece for some reason. I want one of my own now. The tiny images looked like stamps that the artist pressed on or if he might have used a stencil of some sort or if he really did those drawings that precisely which I do not doubt either. I could not decided which one for sure though. Still, a very interesting work.

Some shots of the art up closer:
















Also, the famous street artist Banksy was featured  but pictures were prohibited in that part of the museum so here are a couple that I like from the graffiti master:


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