book people.

People are like books.

Books come in all shapes and sizes. There are long ones and short ones, tall ones and small ones, old ones and news ones; ones with handsome covers andothers with worn out edges.

The greatest affinity between people and books lies within the books, among the words. Books can obviously be stating a message or subtly whispering one. Some are more intricate and detailed than others but still the others are elegantly simple.

The more time spent with a book, leads to greater insight and appreciation too, most of the time at least.

Each has its own story to tell, its own background and plot.Though the characters may intertwine, not one is the same. Also, books may be of the same genre but each is a different tale. And similarly with people, books of similar interest and topics naturally sort together.

I like to read books and I like to try and read people. But not like in the psychology way; more like in the way that I find a new book and I sit down and I am very interested in whatever the book has to offer and even if it offers nothing, the fact that it is still a book gives it value and for that it is important in itself because there is no other book exactly like it in the whole wide world.

People are books. And I love books.


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