foul play.

As much as I try not to let it bother me, as much as I try to ignore the annoyance as it creeps under my fingernail, as much as I want to play and have fun, I have never or will never tolerate foul play. It drives me up the wall, into space out by Saturn or Neptune. I do try to disregard the occasional “No, the ball wasn’t out” or “No, that wasn’t a foul” or in this case, “No, I didn’t get hit by you” so as to continue to play the game and have fun.


But there is a breaking point with me and it is hard to enjoy any game while this kind deception and lack of integrity is going on.


What is the worst is that seven times out of ten I will end up on the losing team, and the treacherous side feels the satisfaction of their actions as they win.


I cannot help but eventually start to protest loudly, which I have learned makes it even worse, because then it gives the dishonest another sick sense of glee at their wickedness.


Maybe it is the competitive drive within me or maybe it is masculinity and testosterone rearing its ugly head, especially when any game does not last for more than a day.


Still, I hate always hate the vile, untruthfulness actions. Not the person, necessarily, but their actions disgust me.


And as much as I want to win, I would rather lose playing faithful to the rules.


Is it too much to ask to play a fair game?



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