Awkwardness is something I have learned to embrace and love, but only when I see other people are awkward not when I am the center of it usually.

Like if I walk in on a couple during an intimate moment, I breathe in deep the startled glances and the shuffling feet that move apart, faces still flushed red. Call me sinister or just plain weird, but the effect of the awkwardness is somewhat…intoxicating, in a humorous way.

But when I am the single person unknown in a large group of people who all know each other for a birthday party of a guy I barely know… that is not enjoyable at all. I just stand around, shifting my weight back and forth. Those instances make me truly appreciate the technology of my smart phone.

It’s all just imagined in the end then I guess. Being awkward and awkwardness only exists if someone thinks it is an awkward situation. Or is it?



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