beautiful order.

I have lately been contemplating the subject of beauty and I began to realize that there is more beauty in order than in chaos, more beauty in planned, carefully thought out creations or things than in accidental, spontaneous, out of the blue creations or things.

This is kind of a tricky and debated area in arts and in life too. So I admit my expertise is limited because of my young experience.

And maybe I am biased or subjective in my views because of my beliefs.

Still, there is so much more to appreciate in the painstaking, detailed process that creates than in the unintentional splatter of paint.

In a play, like A Winter’s Tale for example, there is much more to appreciate in the direction of the play, the acting of the actors, the setting of the stage, the interpretation, the writing of the play itself and even much more than that. All this comes together to create one production. That is beauty.

Compared to an improv session, even one made by professionals, it might be humorous but the beauty of the play outshines it by light-years.

The same goes for film. A movie made by professionals with a script and directors and plot is immensely more enjoyable than an accidental movie. Inception is just such a movie like this; imagine this film with the same actors that were on set with the no direction, no script, nothing planned out, just winging it?

Literature, art, music and even TV shows and YouTube videos are the same way.

Although, I do admit once in a while accidental, spontaneous happenings can be beautiful, they are less beautiful than the ones that are planned out. Because once the event is over, all that can be appreciated is the happening itself and not the creator or the process or the people who made the creation possible.

Put simply, order is more beautiful than chaos.



2 thoughts on “beautiful order.

  1. I couldn’t agree more and I couldn’t agree less.

    While refinement and careful planning allows us to closer reach ideals of perfection (as impossible as they may be), there is something to be said for the raw, crazy and chaotic too.

    I need them both in my life or else I’d never be inspired or aroused.

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