apologies and excess.

I have been in the ring a number of times lately. The regularity of these fights have made me a little irritable and maybe even depressed. I do not really know why they have been regular occurrences, because they used to come like rain in the desert, but I do know that I am ready for them to stop. Even to the point of simply admitting defeat at the first signs of an argument.

Is that so wrong?

If the other corner refuses to submit or even see my side and accept the disagreement so much so that it changes the relationship, victory—or proving my point—is not worth it to me. I will concede defeat, ma’am.

Hold on, a brief phone call.

And another argument.


Maybe I am just that naïve and stupid and selfish and unreasonable. I don’t understand.

How do I fix this? It is all so very confusing.



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