harry potter.

The new Harry Potter movie came out on Thursday and as usual I was an attendee to this great event. I had high expectations because they are releasing the seventh and last book in two parts, which tells me they took more care in reproducing the details within the book and so it is going to be a lot better. If I had my way as director and producer, I would be filming the movie word for word straight out of the book. While it was not exactly the seventh book remade I thought they hit all the main points and did a splendid job considering how badly the other Potter movies failed at representing the books, especially the fourth movie. As a proud Harry Potter fan, I would give the movie a 7.5 or even an 8, out of 10, rating mostly on how it followed the book and how well they adapted the parts they did follow onto the screen.

I have read all the books at least twice and definitely read the last book more than a couple of times, but I would not call myself a Potter expert or anything but I do have a number of spells up my sleeve. I may have a mild obsession with the wizarding world but it is nothing too crazy. It’s more that I like living in that world of magic and dragons more than anything. I have always been that way with books and reading. I read and I am transported into the book and nothing short of a natural disaster or the voice of an angry mother can shake me back into reality. J.K. Rowling does an excellent job of painting the picture of Harry’s world, making it alive and creating characters that are relatable.

I think that those who condemn the books and movies as being Satanic or black magic are a little ignorant and rash on some level. I do agree that practicing magic of any kind should not be condoned but reading or watching Harry Potter does not equal spell casting and making potions anymore than eating an apple makes you an apple tree. In fact, through an objective lens when examining the books, Harry’s world does not even promote or advocate the use of magic really. Magic is merely one of the embellishments the text employs to make the story interesting. Harry Potter is not about becoming the most powerful wizard with the most spells or even solving problems life problems using magic. The main point of the stories are the classic good conquering over evil and even, I would say, love conquering over all. Very cliché but the books make it interesting by adding the rest of the story.

My main reason for defending Harry is that I think that if you have not read the books or been exposed to the wizarding world, you are missing out on an exciting read and wonderful and lovable characters.

And that would be my plug for Harry Potter right there.

Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

R.I.P. Severus, Dobby and Fred.



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