I am a pioneer on the roads of life. That is “roads,” plural not singular, because there are many avenues on which to live and different boulevards by which to take. “Pioneer” because my life is my one and only that no one else has lived, is living or will be living, so I am the first on its trail. I have tried to find my own way in this world and I have discovered that my trailblazing skills are not as skillful as Boone’s was in the early days. He at least knew where he was going, though I think that in the same way that parts of my path have been laid outside of my own control, he too encountered situations of difficult choices. As I stop for a moment and look back down the way, I am surprised at the amount of swerving over the past few years, not to mention the many forks in the road. There are more potholes and repairs than I wish there were, most of which I can name and others that I will not notice until later.

I look ahead now and I have a new desire to direct my path to a destination I should have been aiming for long ago. It is a destination that is seen from all roads, unable to be ignored except by the most ignorant. I have had many chances to turn to this place and I have many times been heading that direction, only to swerve back to going to who knows where. The mountain I seek is immense, daunting even, striking fear in my heart. I feel timid at the thought of traversing the mountain finally because I am familiar with the sight of it by looking at it constantly from afar but my familiarity pales in comparison to knowing. I am at the foot of the majesty, ready to begin my ascent.


“We are in the position of travelers who, after surveying a great mountain from afar, traveling around it, and observing how it dominates the landscape and determines the features of the surrounding countryside, now approach it directly, with the intention of climbing it.”

–          J. I. Packer in Knowing God



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